San Carlos

It is known at regional level as a center of commerce and business due to its rich and fertile lands, and without a doubt, for being a tourist hotspot.

San Carlos is rich in natural beauty and vegetation and is a strong meat and milk producer, supplying the majority of the country. In fact, visitors usually don’t miss the chance to taste the local dairy products, in addition to the many traditional restaurants that serve exquisite “casados”.

This canton extends to the southeast of La Fortuna, including Volcán Arenal, which is why some visitors take the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful views of the volcano from its slopes.

Three hours is all you need to travel by bus from the capital to start your adventure in San Carlos.


Ticket price:

San Carlos  ₡ 2,855.00

Fortuna    ₡ 3,885.00

Los chiles  ₡ 4,620.00