Hidden amid the forests, Monteverde stands out as one of the most attractive tourist spots in the country. It is a place of cloudy forests and coffee plantations. The nearby jungle hosts an immense amount of biodiversity, surrounded by monkeys and fog.

The town of Santa Elena is the best-known tourist center: small and quaint, full of friendly people, delicious restaurants, and national artisan shops.

Due to its high altitude–1,440 meters above sea level–, Monteverde has the privilege of being constantly foggy, as fog is captured by the branches of its highest trees, creating a vivifying state of humidity.

Visitors can explore this cloudy forest–known internationally for its trails–along a canopy ride, or in the interesting museums it houses. The easy access to this small green and mountainous world makes the start of your adventure just a bus ride away.



Ticket price

Monteverde ₡3,030.00