The friendly Nicaragua greets tourists with several entertainment options: volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches, and virgin forests that range from impressive to downright unbelievable.

Architecturally, the colonial splendor of Nicaragua comes in two different but equally attractive flavors. The elegant urban landscapes of Granada, the best-preserved colonial city in Nicaragua, have fascinated travelers for centuries with their architectural grace. The city has a cathedral, a well-kept square that was meticulously restored, and old mansions with lush interior courtyards.

In contrast, León offers a colonial experience where collapsing 300-year-old houses are interspersed with revolutionary murals and the architectural masterpieces from old houses. It is a vibrant city that, while proud of its heritage, is too full of life to feel like a museum.

Nicaragua’s geographical diversity, intense energy, and vibrant attitude are perfect for outdoor activities. Terminal 7-10  offers direct transportation from Costa Rica.


Precio tiquete:

Nicabus (managua): $28.75
Nicabus (chinandega): $35
Nicaexpresso (managua): $30
Nicaexpresso (chinandega): $35.