El Salvador

El Salvador offers sun and beaches. The most visited beaches by tourists are those of La Libertad, in the central area of the country, with a variety of hotels and restaurants. Beaches such as El Tunco or El Sunzal are ideal for surfing, ranked among the best surfing beaches in the world. All the country coast has beautiful beaches, from Ahuachapán to La Unión. Each one is special, for their people, water, and the beauty of their sunsets.

The country’s excellent natural attractions, with idyllic beaches, a welcoming tropical climate, and exuberant landscapes, adds to an important archaeological and ecological heritage, with colonial and pre-Columbian vestiges, as well as national reserves.

El Salvador also has an exceptional potential regarding cultural tourism, with more than 2,000 recognized archaeological sites, samples of the Mayan and Olmeda cultures, mainly. The archaeological remains of Las Pirámides de San Andrés, Joya de Cercén, and Tazumal stand out for their importance.